Live Message Taking

We have live local people answering your phones. Most callers are tired of phone systems asking them to press this number and that number still to get yet another recording. Our operators take all their information and dispatch your message the way you choose. This can also be used to replace or extend the length of your office hours at a much lower cost.


Office Receptionist

If your business needs a front office presence without the overhead, we can service as a virtual office receptionist. Our receptionists don't just quickly take a name and phone number, we take time with your callers and you are NEVER charged a per-minute rate.

Customer Service/Answering FAQs

All Ways can support your customers when you are not able to. The art of customer service is a great sales tool that keeps the customer coming back to your business. In today's business environment, providing great customer service will separate you from the competition. When you and your staff cannot be available for customer inquiries, our agents can take the calls for you. Our telephone answering service helps to mimic those "good old days" of customer service.

Vacation/Maternity Leave Coverage

Need a position filled but don't have the time to hire a temporary replacement?  Our accurate and friendly operators are here twenty-four hours a day seven days a week to lend a helping hand while your staff member is away. Whether coverage is needed for short term vacation coverage or longer term maternity coverage, we are here to help!

Office & Business Support

Free up time

The hectic world we live in can make it hard to find a balance between your work and private life.

We can help you have worry free downtime plus stay on top of business.