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Appointments & Reservations

Appointment Scheduling

Use our professional service to set or confirm appointments while freeing you up to run your business or practice and reducing no-shows. After appointments are made by our staff online; you can check your schedule anytime, anywhere, and add your own appointments or make changes to your existing schedule which helps everyone be on the same page. One of the most popular calendar software systems we use, for the heath care profession, is Office Ally. We are pros at learning new software so we have the flexibility to use whatever calendar you need us to use, even a paper one.  


Hotel & Inn Reservations
How many reservations are you missing when a potential guest hangs up or hits a busy signal? We can link to your existing online reservation software, your web-site, or on any schedule you determine to book reservations. Our focus is providing exceptional service. We can assist with the needs and questions of each guest so you have fewer calls to return. Many times, we are so seamless in answering the caller's inquiries that they believe they are speaking to the innkeeper, manager or front desk. We are available to answer full time, part time, or we can take your overflow calls. We are here 24 hours to help you achieve full capacity.

Restaurant  Reservations
Extend your hostess hours by letting us book your reservations after you're closed or before you're open.  We answer 24 hours a day which means no matter when a caller gets a craving for your menu we will be here to take the reservation for you. We can link to your existing reservation software, your web-site, or on any schedule you determine to book reservations, even a paper one. Some restaurants even have us answer during business hours to prevent losing any reservations due to a call not being answered promptly or receiving a busy signal.

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