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All Ways Answering

Are you looking for a service that will handle your clients the same way you would if you could answer every call?  We go beyond simply taking calls: we care for your customers as our own, resulting in increased revenue, customer satisfaction and retention. We will work with you to customize your service to suit your individual needs.  

Our trained staff is based in the U.S.A. which is a desired customer asset. Our operators are highly trained, long-time employees with a vested interest in the success of our call center and your business or practice. We are accurate, efficient with a flexibility geared to meeting your needs and have 26 years of experience
helping clients with their customer service.

Our Services

Office & Business Support

Live Message Taking

We answer your calls with the greeting of your choice and take detailed accurate messages. 

Office Receptionist
We do exactly what an in-house receptionist would do: answer your line, take messages, and provide support to your customers. 


Customer Service/Answering FAQs

Extend your customer service hours with our twenty-four hour seven day a week service and ensure your customers are able to reach immediate help with their concerns. 


Vacation/Maternity Leave Coverage

 We provide long or short term coverage with no sign up fees or time commitment contracts.  

Appointments & Reservations

Home Inspections

You’re busy running your business but homeowners and realtors expect a live voice when they call. If they fail to get one, they will continue down their list to the next inspector.  With us answering we will book that inspection through ISN, your current type of calendar or software 24/7 365 days a year.

Appointment Scheduling

Whether you're a doctors office, carpet cleaning business or health spa we can schedule your appointments using an online calendar, any software you use or help you create a calendar. It is so seamless your callers will think we are sitting in your office. 


Inn and Hotel Reservations 

This is a cost-effective way to ensure every phone call is answered by a live person 24/7. We offer booking from your existing software, your web-site, or on any schedule you determine.


Restaurant Reservations

Don't let the establishment next door get the reservation because your phone are not staffed.


Sales & So Much More...

Order/Sales Capturing

If your phones aren't being answered twenty four hours a day you may be missing out on sales. Let our experienced staff handle those after hours calls and capture those late night orders and business opportunities. 



Event Registration

Our courteous staff will sign-up your callers with our prompt and efficient service. Our goal is to answer all our calls within two to three rings because we know your callers' time is precious. We can also personalize your event registration form to include all the information you need.



Email Response

Free up your time by letting us field that flurry of emails coming in every day.


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